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About Rabdi Wala

At Rabdi Wala, our motto is to serve you the freshest and authentic Rabdi you could imagine of. With a vision to serve incredible Indian sweets that contain no preservatives (or even excess amount of sugar), we kick-started in December 2014, and we are constantly on a roll to keep adding new things and keep the quality consistent. The Rabdi is prepared fresh every morning and is sold off in a span of 24 hours. Fresh and tasty food is Rabdi Wala’s promise to you!
Apart from the sweet section, we also specialize in Rajasthani and Kathiawadi cuisine - Ghee Maarke! We are sure to get your taste buds tingling with our Dal Bati Churma and Kathiawadi Thali among others.

How The Brand Rabdi Wala Was Born?

"Being a sweet fanatic, I travelled a lot across Mumbai in search of authentic Rabdi but there were hardly any genuine places and even those served only one standard type of Rabdi. Being a Rajashthani myself, I decided to go back to the roots and explore the art of making Rabdi... and Rabdi Wala was born! A place where there are different varieties of Rabdi and different traditional desserts served with delicious Rabdi like Ghevar Rabdi, Jalebi Rabdi, Gaajar ka Halwa Rabdi and Gulabjamun Rabdi, etc.
We at Rabdi Wala love to make interesting Rabdi combinations so that you can enjoy our Rabdi to the fullest. And that’s not all! Rabdi along with our authentic Rajasthani and Kathiawadi food items will leave you foodgasmic. You have to try it to believe it!"

- Anurag Vimal Mundra

(MD & Founder)